Adding Facebook Thumbnail image

Usually, Facebook pick featured image as a thumbnail image from the article which you shared or someone shared. But, sometimes it may take a random image from your article that is not comfortable all the time. By using Yoast Seo Plugin, you can fix the problem in a proper way. To implement this, you have […]

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Adding Multiple Authors in a Post

If one of your posts has been created by one more author, how can you give them credit for a single post? WordPress allows its user to give credit to a single user for a post. It means by default, posts are assigned to a single author. But you can give credits to multiple authors […]

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Setting Up a Custom Home Page in WordPress

In WordPress, by default, your posts are shown on the homepage on your website. You can change it on your own according to your choice. Now, how can you make this custom home page for your website? Well, to make it happened, Take a look at a practical example of making it more clear to you. […]

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What is Protocol on the Web?

A protocol is a collection of rules used by computers that are combined, or networked collectively, which define how the computers interact or communicate with one other. In internet protocol, all the connections are made through by an internet. There are various protocols that manage interplays at multiple levels in the networked computing environment we know […]

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Adding Custom Default Gravatar

Gravatar is used to display the user profile images in WordPress. It is the most popular medium to show a profile picture to identify oneself. Without a gravatar, WordPress uses a default image called ‘Mystery Person’. The gravatar image will appear many times in the comment section of your post and other section by default lots […]

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Limit the User Login

By default, a WordPress user can have an unlimited number of attempts to log-in to a WordPress site. This facilitates hackers to try guessing your password until they get it right. It can cost your important documents at any time and that will hamper your functional stability. To resolve this problem a super WordPress plugin has introduced […]

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Using Excerpts (Post Summery) on Home Pages

You might have seen almost all the popular blogs display article summary in their home pages and archive pages. This addresses those pages load faster, boosts page views, and avoids duplicate content on your website. Some premier themes use excerpts in the case of their post and it makes them more interactive. If your theme […]

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