What do you mean by “Small jobs”? How ‘big’ can a small job be?

Small tweaks and maintenance works that require no more than 30 minutes are usually referred to as “Small jobs”. These small tasks may contain fixing colours, fonts or updating images, theme or plugin installations, resolving plugin clashes etc.

What if my intended job exceeds the limit of small jobs? Can I place customised job orders?

Our primary goal will be to serve you in a way so that you don’t have to go through any major maintenance works. Still, if you feel like you have to implement some moderate changes in your WordPress site/s and need a helping hand to do all the dirty jobs for you - yes, we will be there for you. WPmanageNinja offers additional development hours at a very cheap price which will be enough to fulfill your average custom jobs. And if you are thinking of some vast changes that may take days, feel free to contact us. We will send you a quote according to your customized jobs.

Does one single subscription covers for multiple websites?

Unfortunately, no. Each subscriptions will serve you for just one single site.

Can I revoke subscription at any time?

Yes, you can as you will be billed on a monthly basis regardless of the Monthly / Annual package you subscribe to. This gives you the freedom of usability and ensure you our best possible effort to continue our partnership with you.

How many small jobs can I request?

We offer upto 30 small jobs to be done every month, which means 1 small job every day. This daily quota does not accumulate if you do not take advantage of it on a day. That is, your daily quota of 1 job expires on a daily basis. But, if you are in dire need of some fixes for some major setbacks, we will definitely be up for it as our first priority is to ensure that your business is running smoothly.

What if I don’t need Monthly / Annual subscription?

Well, if you need a one-time support only, we will be happy to serve you too. You will find this option in our Pricing section. And if your intended job is elaborate and highly customized, you can contact us any time!