Regional payment support in Stripe.

Users can easily accept payments via credit / debit card through our Stripe checkout solutions.

Many companies require additional regional payment methods, such as iDeal, FPX, BECS Direct Debit, Bancontract, Giropay, P24, EPS. These are some of the most popular regional end-user payment methods. Like most Dutch citizens, use iDEAL payment form. Several payment forms, like the BECS Direct Debit, are rather cost-effective too.

Using the Regional Payment Support in Stripe feature, payment methods can be added via Stripe checkout. Just go to the Payment Settings in the Settings & Integrations tab and enable the payment method you want to activate on your Stripe payment page. Please ensure the provided type is activated in your dashboard( And then click on Save Settings.

Add multiple Stripe and PayPal account

There’s another cool feature brought to you by the last update. Now you can easily add custom PayPal ID or stripe account to form level so they can accept payment to different PayPal/Stripe accounts in different forms.

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