Constant Contact Integration With WP Fluent Form

  • To integrate your Constant Contact account with WP Fluent Form, Login to the Constant Contact V3 Portal and create a “New Application”.
  • Give the application a name. I gave it “WP Fluent Forms” go ahead and save it.
Constant Contact Integration With WP Fluent Form

  • Give as Constant Contact Redirect URI
Constant Contact redirect URI WP Fluent Form
  • Now click on generate secret token button. Constant Contact will give you the App Secret Token. Save it somewhere safe. Constant Contact shows secret token only once so you might want to save the token first before entering into WP Fluent Form.
Constant Contact generate API secret WP Fluent Form
  • Let’s get back to WordPress dashboard and hover over Fluent Form Pro and choose modules and turn Constant Contact on from the bottom of the page as shown in the screenshot below.
Turn On Constant Contact Module WP Fluent Form
  • Hover over the Fluent Form Pro tab again and go to the Settings where you will find all the turned on modules, Select Constant Contact and paste your API key and App Secret you just copied from Constant Contact as shown in the screenshot below.
Setting Up Constant Contact API key and App Secret WP Fluent Form
  • Click Authenticate with Constant Contact and you will be redirected to Constant Contact for authentication.
Constant Contact API Authentication
  • Click allow which will authenticate WP Fluent Form and hence you will be redirected to your WP Fluent Form Dashboard again as below screenshot.
Constant Contact Successful authentication with WP Fluent Form
  • Well done! Your Constant Contact email marketing software is successfully integrated with WP Fluent Forms.

The very next step might be creating an awesome form with WP Fluent Form. Read our guide about How to Create a Form with WP Fluent Form WordPress Plugin

  • Now go to All Forms and select the particular form you want to integrate with your Constant Contact. Go to Settings & Integrations (Top bar) > Marketing & CRM Integration (Sidebar)
  • You need to click on Add New Integration. Choose the integration you want, for example, Constant Contact Integration.
Constant Contact Integration with WP Fluent Forms
  • Give a name to the feed, select the Constant Contact List the data is to be fed in from the Dropdown list.
  • Configure Field Mapping. Correlate the Constant Contact Fields with the form’s input fields (e.g. Email Address with Email, First Name with names[First Name], Last Name with names[Last Name], etc)
field mapping Constant contact and wp fluent forms
  • Set Conditional Logic if necessary. For example, If you have terms & conditions checkbox and want the user’s info to be sent to Constant Contact only if they checked the T&C box.
  • Click Update Constant Contact Feed to finalize your settings.

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