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Adding a Progress Bar

As we are the human being, we have a psychological fact that causes us to feel unflexible leaving things half-done or incomplete. This state of mind is called the Zeigarnik Effect, a phrase stamped by Bluma Zeigarnik, a 20th-century Russian psychologist. After completing her experiments, she came to a decision that says unfinished tasks are […]

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Improving Your Contents

Nowadays, content has become the king marketing tool for different companies. An effective content strategy can generate better search ranking, higher conversion, and ultimately more sales & revenue. It’s easy to understand that the more you have contents the more you have better opportunities to sell the business. But writing a new content is pretty […]

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Offering a Discount

In any kind of business, offering discounts is a lucrative policy adopted by business owners to achieve maximum coverage of revenue. It’s a sheer policy which is used to boost up the business growth in particular. This policy exercises in order to encourage the consumers to go through with a buying process. This policy can be […]

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